Ponniyin Selvan Review (SPOILERS): Read This Before You See the Movie If You Want a Cheat Sheet

When I was growing up, before we went to see a Shakespeare play, my Mom would always read the synopsis aloud to us. Because you don’t want to be distracted by trying to follow the guaranteed-to-be-complicated plot while enjoying the performances and everything else. This is very much that kind of a movie, super SUPER complicated plot and it’s gonna be easier to appreciate the experience if you can relax and know who everyone is without trying to follow things.

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New Homework Assignments for ME! 9/24 Review of Ante Sundaraniki, 10/1 Review of Ponniyin Selvan!

Once again, giving myself deadlines and assignments so I will do it! I’d be reviewing Ponniyin Selvan anyway, but maybe not Ante Sundaraniki, and I should watch new things! Yes, I will review Thiruchitrambalam, it’s rumored to possibly be hitting Netflix, so I’m waiting to see if that happens.