Mouna Ragam! Mani Ratnam’s First (well, one of them) Movie! A Classic Married Love Story

I watched Mouna Ragam!  Which is my 3rd (or 4th or 5th?) Revathy movie.  And my I-don’t-kn0w-how-many Ratnam movie.   But according to this blog excerpt, this is arguably the first “real” Ratnam film.

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Happy Birthday Prabhudeva! 44 Reasons I Love You

Woo-hoo!  Prabhudeva’s birthday!  44 reasons to love him, and an excuse to post A LOT of Prabhudeva songs!  And maybe a few facts scattered in.  But not many. (I know you may not have time to watch all the videos I put in this posts, but some of these are truly not to be missed, so the ones in bold you MUST WATCH!!!)

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