Irrfan Khan Fest: New Review! D-Day, His Saddest Greatest Film That No One Talks About

This movie released, a few select critics applauded it as one of the best films they had ever seen, and then it disappeared a few days later. I saw it, and I know a few other people here on the blog watched it, and we all think of it as a really remarkably good movie. One of those films you find yourself thinking about at surprising moments. It’s one of Irrfan’s few films where he is good, but the rest of the film lives up to his performance. It’s also extremely sad. Not tragic exactly, just sad. Be warned.

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A little Salman love

I feel like with all the SRK coverage lately, I haven’t been paying enough attention to Salman.  And terrible terrible things happen when Salman feels like he is being ignored.  Plus, he did just escape from 15 years in prison, he needs to be celebrated!  And he also just made the list of sexiest Asian men (that kid from One Direction is on top, Hrithik is second, SRK is 9, Aamir didn’t make it).

So, yesterday I posted about what a great business man SRK is.  Salman just doesn’t seem that interested in business, but I think he probably has quite the natural knack for it, in his own totally nutso way.

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