Sunny Post: Hero: Love Story of a Spy Ending

As I explained in part 1, I’ve been in kind of a Sunny mood!  Not like I am feeling particularly happy (the opposite in fact, winter sucks and work sucks and Christmas is over), but in a mood to watch Sunny Deol movies.  So, I started with The Hero: Love Story of a Spy and then I walked back to Jeet, and then all the way to Manzil Manzil.

In case you are also in a Sunny mood, but not feeling Sunny enough to actually watch a film, here is a complete synopsis of the whole second half of The Hero: Love Story of a Spy.

(first half here)

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Sunny Days/Sunny Deol: The Hero: Love Story of a Spy part 1

I have been on a bit of a Sunny Deol kick lately, not sure exactly why.  Possibly it is just my brain playing tricks, because it is overcast and disgusting where I live and I just want it to be “Sunny” in my apartment somehow!

Speaking of homonyms, a friend’s little sister pointed out that “Sunny Deol” sounds exactly the same as “Sunnydale” where Buffy lived.  Which is true!  And just strange!  Is it possible Josh Whedon is secretly a 80s Indian action superfan?

Anyway, I have just watched 3 Sunny movies, none of which are worth a full recap, but each of which is worth a quick summary hitting the high points.

(second half of this film covered here)

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A little Salman love

I feel like with all the SRK coverage lately, I haven’t been paying enough attention to Salman.  And terrible terrible things happen when Salman feels like he is being ignored.  Plus, he did just escape from 15 years in prison, he needs to be celebrated!  And he also just made the list of sexiest Asian men (that kid from One Direction is on top, Hrithik is second, SRK is 9, Aamir didn’t make it).

So, yesterday I posted about what a great business man SRK is.  Salman just doesn’t seem that interested in business, but I think he probably has quite the natural knack for it, in his own totally nutso way.

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