Irrfan Khan Fest: New Review! D-Day, His Saddest Greatest Film That No One Talks About

This movie released, a few select critics applauded it as one of the best films they had ever seen, and then it disappeared a few days later. I saw it, and I know a few other people here on the blog watched it, and we all think of it as a really remarkably good movie. One of those films you find yourself thinking about at surprising moments. It’s one of Irrfan’s few films where he is good, but the rest of the film lives up to his performance. It’s also extremely sad. Not tragic exactly, just sad. Be warned.

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Bad Girls Month Tamil: Puli! Watch Sridevi Sweep About in Crazy Crowns!

This is a silly silly movie. If you feel the need for total escapism and fantasy and just wacky weird insanity, this movie is here for you. Also, it isn’t very good. Oh, and I know I am all late and backed up on my reviews, I’m gonna catch up this weekend. It’s just been a lazy week.

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Starter Kit: Actresses, Part 3, Soha to Lisa

I’m continuing to crank through the small time actresses, the ones who only need a few movies to fully understand their careers.  Because it’s a lot easier than trying to deal with the male stars and their longer careers, or the handful of super successful actresses (sorry Rani!  I’ll get to you someday!) (last small time actress post here)

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