Remember Parveen Babi on Her Birth Anniversary

This is a reposted post from a couple years ago, but it seems appropriate to remember her on her birth anniversary. Poor Parveen Babi, and also brave smart Parveen.

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Friday Classics: Deewar! The Best Movie Shashi Kapoor Was In

I’m just going to say it, Deewar is the best written film in the history of Hindi cinema. I did a mini-review of it related to the release of Raees, I am going to expand on that mini-review and try to give it the detailed discussion it deserves.

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Hindi Film 101: Poor Parveen Babi

After taking a little journey through film as a family industry and the Ratnam-Rahman connection, back to the old reliable Hindi Film 101 topic, tragic film heroines! ¬†Parveen Babi is a strong contender for “most tragic”. ¬†And part of that tragedy is how very short her story is, I bet I can do it all in one post.

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