Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Resist the Urge to Do Things

Happy Saturday! What I WANT to do is my annual Easter sort and clean up the closets and organize the storage room and then load up my car and drive over to Goodwill and the Habitat for Humanity store donate it all. But what I will actually try to make myself do is sit on the couch and color my little pictures. Sigh.

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Ezra Review ReRun! A Jewish Horror Movie For Passover!

If this is the only Jewish-Indian movie I have seen (not counting Nadira and Aditya Roy Kapoor movies), I think it is a pretty good one! The Jewish community is treated as a vital part of Indian history, and it ends with a bunch of Jewish tourists saving the world (I have no doubt the extras actually were Jewish tourists hired for the day). I asked my Jewish friend if she knew how to save the world, she didn’t, but then she never had a bat mitzvah, we figured that is when you probably learn it.

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TGIF: Happy Passover! Ma Nishtana in Indian Film Format

Did you think I put up my traditional Good Friday “Hot Jesus” post and forgot my Jewish readers and Passover, on the very same day?  I would NEVER!!!!  And so a second TGIF post, based on the Ma Nishtana, the 4 questions part of the Haggadah, the instructions on how to properly celebrate Passover.

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