Monday Malayalam: Kammara Sambhavan (SPOILERS) History is Disgusting

Okay, spoiler time!  I am doing a separate SPOILER review not so much to avoid spoilers (it’s not exactly that kind of movie, the plot is so intricate you can’t spoil it entirely), as because the film is so complex, I needed a moment to deal with just the general themes and structure and ideas (the No SPOILERS post) before I could get into the details of what technically happens.

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Monday Malayalam: Kammara Sambhavam (No SPOILERS), Art That Disturbs Rather than Comforts

I made a very foolish decision and went to see this movie on Sunday night before getting up early on Monday. And on a full moon night. And then I got lost on the way home. It was a weird evening, is what I am saying, and that is even without watching this very very strange film.

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Ozhimuri: Malayalam Interval in Salman Week

We are now almost a week into all Salman coverage (because Sultan has got me all excited!), but I decided it was time to take a break and slip in a Malayalam review, just for a change.  And I picked the least Salman-y film of them all, Ozhimuri, all about the Matrilineal system.

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