I Am Worn Out, How Was Your Saturday?

I’m back!  Spent an incredibly long day doing things, and now I am home and waiting for my delivery dinner and trying to distract myself.

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Tuesday Tamil: Solo (SPOILERS Review), More Than the Sum of Its Parts

Okay, let’s do this!  Tuesday Tamil!  Actually on Tuesday!  My box office post is still going to be late this week, but at least everything else will be back on track.  Plus, I am excited to talk about plot details for this movie. (no spoiler review went up earlier today)

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Monday Malayalam: I Saw Solo! What an Interesting Experiment (No Spoilers Review)

Sorry!  Padmavati took all my time yesterday, so we missed Monday Malayalam.  And now I am doubling up on Tuesday, a no spoilers and a spoilers review, both, for Solo.  Because it came out in Malayalam and Tamil, so I have decided it works for both.

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