I Am Worn Out, How Was Your Saturday?

I’m back!  Spent an incredibly long day doing things, and now I am home and waiting for my delivery dinner and trying to distract myself.

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Happy 21 Days to SRK’s Birthday! A Silly One, 21 Hairstyles!

I did a serious one yesterday, so now I get to do a silly one!  21 hairstyles.  Which was surprisingly hard, because he really doesn’t like to change it up much.

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Happy 28 Days to SRK’s Birthday! 28 SRK Romances, Part 2

I just thought this would be an interesting experiment, to take a brief look at 28 different films in terms of the romance plots.  and then try to come to some conclusions.  I did the first 7 already, now let’s look at another 7.

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