Mahanati Review (SPOILERS): A Fresh New 80s Love Story Surrounded By A Tired 1950s Variation on A Star is Born

I already put up the No Spoilers review, but I’m not even sure if those rules apply to this kind of movie.  It’s based on a true story, and there aren’t really many surprises along the way.  So you can read that review if you really hate spoilers, but otherwise you might as well read this review too.  Although, fair warning, I also didn’t like this movie very much, so I may spoil it for you in a different way by making it no longer seem good.

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Tuesday Telugu: Mahanati Review (No Spoilers), A Huge Talent Cut Down to Fit in a Love Story

Well, I saw it!  And I did NOT like it.  And then I went home to discover that Dog Hazel had gotten lonely and into the trash and eaten a bunch of stuff she shouldn’t.  So all around, a failure of an evening.

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