AK VS AK Review (SPOILERS): I Made Notes! Every Reference Explained and Analyzed!

This is such a brilliant movie, and the more you know about it, the more you see how brilliant it is. Luckily, I just took a couple headache pills and the caffeine is going to keep me up all night, so I can tell you how brilliant it is!

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AK Vs AK Review (No Spoilers): Day-um (sp?) Motwane!!! How You Keep Topping Yourself????

Such a brilliant movie!!!! SUCH A BRILLIANT MOVIE!!!!! One of those where I paused five minutes in so I could start taking notes. I will be doing a full Annotated post later. But this is just sort of an intro to the Motwane career and a sense of the film so you can decide if you want to see it.

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Sunday ReRun: Bhavesh Joshi, the Film That Made Me So Angry I Couldn’t Write

It’s funny, usually when we think of Superhero movies, we think about being inspired or excited or hopeful. But that’s not why someone would become a vigilante, they would become a vigilante because they are just so ANGRY. This is a movie that puts you in the mindset of the superhero, not those he is saving. And it’s a dark place.

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