Best Gossip Story of 2018

Ready for the Wedding Battle to the Death? Or maybe it won’t be a wedding after all, maybe there will be some other story that beats Weddings. It’s exciting!

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Break-Out Actress of 2018

I’ve decided I get to make up my own rules for this category. It’s not an actress whose first movie was this year (although there are some of those), it could also be an actress who had been around for a while but finally got noticed this year. And as always, I will make my nominations just to get the ball rolling, but you can write in your own votes too.

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Best Producer/Studio of 2018

A new category! Let us recommend the person behind the people! The studio and producers who coordinate it all. Some of this are all in one type places, loads of money and studio space and all that. Some of them are more about the moral support and advice. But, who is the best? The one who picked the best most interesting films of 2018?

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