Silly Sunday (Part 2): East o’ the Sun and West o’ the Moon, with Sai Pallavi

I’m back!  Already put up one long an self-indulgent post based on fairy tales, now I am doing another, and I don’t care what you think!

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Yet Another Trailer!

Okay, back in October sometime, Shahrukh told Times of India: “Jis film mein main aur Kajol hai, ek romantic gaana toh banta hi hai, jis film mein Varun Dhawan ho, ek dancing number toh banta hi hai, Jisme do bhai ho, ek bhaiyo ka gaana bhi banta hi hai, jisme ek khoobsurat heroine ho uska ek aur gaana bhi banta hi hai, aur jab poori family ho toh ek sad gaana bhi banta hi hai. Aur yeh sab ho jaaye toh ek item number bhi banta hi banta hai.

Very loosely translated, I think he is saying there will be a romantic number for him and Kajol, a dancing number for Varun, a song about brothers, a song about what a pretty heroine there is, a sad number, and an item number.

So, I don’t actually know if I could line them up one by one at this point (is the romantic number “Janam Janam” or “Gerua”?  Or is “Gerua” the beautiful one?  Or “Janam Janam” the sad one?), but that means 6 songs, right?  And so far we have seen only 4?  Counting the new one out today?

The only one I am sure we haven’t seen yet is the item number.  I haven’t even heard rumors as to who might be the item person!  Although if that is why Ajay was visiting Kajol in Bulgaria, to be the item boy in her film, I will die of happiness!


Oh!  No!  Even better!  That’s why her mom was visiting in Iceland!  Tanuja, returning to her roots!