Friday Classics: Dabangg!!! The Most Progressive Film You Never Noticed Was Progressive

Dabangg!  Finally getting around to it.  And feeling “wasteful”, since I am going to have to come up with at least 7 posts for Salman week and now here I am wasting a topic I should have saved.  At least Salman was considerate enough to release his film right before his birthday, so it will all just sort of flow together.  Anyway, I will have to come up with another 7 topics without Dabangg (or possibly 14 if I decide to give him the full movie week and birthday week he is owed), because I have stuff to say about it and I want to say it this week!  A lot to say, as it turns out, this ended up being the longest Classics Friday post so far.

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Koffee With the Khan Boys! (Don’t Get Excited, It’s Sallu and His Brothers, not SRK and Sallu and Aamir)

This is SUCH an interesting episode!  Much much to discuss.  Nothing super scandalous, but just interesting statements on society and all.  (first episode discussed here, and second here, third here, fourth here, and fifth here)

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