My Chennai Haul!

Remember those series of posts I did over a month ago about my sister going to Chennai and what I should ask her to bring me?  Well, she finally got home about two weeks ago, and then came to visit me this weekend and hand deliver everything.  So I am reporting back to you all!

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My Sister’s in Chennai! Thus, I Missed a Post Today

I don’t know if anyone pays as much attention to my scheduling of these things as I do.  But if you do, you will have noticed that I put out my early/midmorning post today, and my middle-of-the-day post, but I missed my evening post.  It’s because of a bunch of reasons, which all boil down to one: my sister’s in Chennai!

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Help Me Make a Shopping List for Chennai, The Final List!!!!

Chennai Update Part 3!  THE FINAL LIST!!!  My sister is flying out tomorrow, so this is the last update.  Unless you suggest something really good, and then I will send her an email.  But ideally she can just print off this blog post and carry it with her at all times.  Like her passport, but more important.  Anyway, I am putting it up on the blog so that she can refer back to it at any point from anywhere with internet access, and also so you all can see it if you are curious.

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