Tata Family Saga in Filmi Terms

Okay, I finally gave in and actually clicked on one of those articles about the Tata Company implosion.  And then I had to go back to my old friend wikipedia to confirm what I thought I remembered, that this is all a bit of a family feud.  And yep!  Everyone is related!  MESSY!

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Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!

Happy Raksha Bandhan!  A holiday I don’t get to celebrate at all, because there are no brothers in my family.  Yes, even if I count cousins.  All girls, all the time, both mother and father’s side of the family.  But, at least I can watch movies and pretend this is what it would be like if I had a brother or a cousin-brother.

(as always, if you have a favorite video for the holiday, let me know in the comments!)

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