Me Too, Indian Style-Jeetendra Accused of Rape

Have you noticed that Bollywoodhungama always puts the really boring stories to the front with stuff like “You Won’t Believe!” or “Wow!” and then buries the really big ones?  Well, Jeetendra’s rape accusation is that times a thousand.  This has got to be the biggest story in the industry today, and everyone one is reporting it, but also burying it a little.  Not just Bollywoodhungama, every website.  I mean, they are reporting it, that’s good, but it’s not getting the kind of extra special obsessive treatment that Irrfan’s announcement-that-isn’t-really-an-announcement is getting.

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Bajrangi Bhaijaan’s in Hong Kong and Karan Johar’s in the Newspaper!

Quick news update today, not really new-news, mostly following up on developing stories.  Oh, and an interesting article about Shahrukh.

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