Love Discussion Post, KHNH Based

Kal Ho Na Ho has come up remarkably often in the comments as we talk about our ideal version of a love story. So I want to use it as kind of a jumping off point for a greater discussion.

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Kal Ho Na Ho Mini-Review: The Rare Matriarchy Film

Happy 2 days after Jaya’s birthday!  I want to do something in her honor, but it’s been a bit of A Week, so I have to fall back on one of her more recent films that I have seen enough times to be able to write about it with no re-watching needed.  And I also honestly think this is a fascinating character and performance to consider from Jaya.

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Watch a Movie with me Tomorrow!

I’m doing another live twitter watchalong!  Just like I did for Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham a few months back (click here to see how that went)!  This time, Kal Ho Na Ho!  Which is available in American Netflix, as well as most streaming services.  It will be at 10am Chicago time tomorrow, which is 8:30pm on Sunday the 18th India time, 1am Australia time (sorry Australia people), 11am New York time, and 8am California time.  Join in by searching for the hashtags #KHNH (for Kal Ho Na Ho) or #DCIB (for my book, Don’t Call it Bollywood, which this is nominally promoting.  And which you should all read!  It’s really good!).