Netflix List For June! Almost Nothing Added Besides Lust

Time for a Netflix update!  Which I only do once a month or so, so it’s not up to the minute accurate.  But hopefully I make up for that with the descriptions I give them.  ( does the real work of keeping this list updated, you should definitely absolutely subscribe to them for your day to day updates.)

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Lust Stories Review (SPOILERS): Female Desire Takes Center Stage

A day filled with reviews!  Both Race 3 reviews are done now, so I can circle back and finish the SPOILER review for Lust Stories.  However, I would encourage you NOT to read this until you watch the Netflix series.  Partly because the films are so open to interpretation, they deserve to be watched with fresh eyes and your own decisions made about them.  Instead, just read my No Spoilers review and then come back here.

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