Rank the Kapoor Men PART TWO! Get Out Your Swords and Prepare To Do Battle for Harsh or Anil or Arjun

There can be only one!!!!! While the other Kapoor family has the quantity, the Surinder Kapoor’s have the quality. And also, mad crazed fan devotion (at least, in the DCIB world). I look forward to a respectful exchange of ideas.

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Lust Stories Review (SPOILERS): Female Desire Takes Center Stage

A day filled with reviews!  Both Race 3 reviews are done now, so I can circle back and finish the SPOILER review for Lust Stories.  However, I would encourage you NOT to read this until you watch the Netflix series.  Partly because the films are so open to interpretation, they deserve to be watched with fresh eyes and your own decisions made about them.  Instead, just read my No Spoilers review and then come back here.

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Hindi Film 101: Kapoors Part VI, The Other Kapoors, Anil Boney Sanjay and Sridevi

My almost final Kapoor post!  Yaaaay!  I figured I couldn’t be done with the family without dealing with their distant relations, “the other Kapoors”.  Or, as I think of it, the Surinder Kapoor family. (If you want to read the other posts, I have finally given in and created a Hindi Film 101 area of the menu here)

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