Friday Classic Director’s Week: Mohabbatein, Adi’s Movie By the Numbers

Spellcheck wants me to replace “Mohabbatein” with “Mountbatten”. This makes me giggle every single time. Do you think it is possible that the whole film is an allegory for Edwina and Nehru’s affair? Amitabh is Mountbatten, Aish is Edwina, Shahrukh is Nehru, the school is India, Anupam Kher is Gandhi? It TOTALLY WORKS.

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Happy Dear Zindagi Week! Mohabbatein, Shahrukh as Teacher!

No young women really in his orbit in this one, but that’s part of what I find so interesting.  That just 16 years ago, it was all about the male generations handing things down to each other (Amitabh to Shahrukh to Jugal Hansraj/Uday Chopra/Jimmy Shergill).  And now we are in a space where the future is a young woman.

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