Tuesday Tamil: Minsara Kanavu, Justifiably Beloved

I finally watched it!  After feeling vaguely like I had watched it for years, and then realizing I had only seen the songs a bunch of times and read the plot summary.  And it was just as delightful and lovable and wonderful as I had heard, and the songs were even better in context.

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Bahubali FanFic Part 4: A Villain Appears!

Welcome back to my fanfic!  It’s rainy and horrible in Chicago right now, and I felt like curling up with a good fake story.  So I am back to my fanfic, featuring Anushka 2 (daughter of Prabhas 1 and Anushka 1, sister of Prabhas 2) and Rana 2 (illegitimate nephew of Rana 1 by way of Nassar’s illegitimate daughter). You can find the first 3 parts, and all the Bahubali posts, indexed here.

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Bahubali 2 Complete Summary in Detail Part 2: Let’s Go on a Road Trip!

Welcome back to Bahubali 2 complete detailed summary part 2!  I’ve only seen it once in theaters, so forgive any slight errors in the order of scenes or stuff like that.  Well, forgive and correct.  If you mention something in the comments, I will either correct and update the post to show it, or else add a note to the beginning of part 3. (part 1 here)

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