Hindi Film 101: Vocabulary Post, Misogyny Versus Objectification Versus Patriarchy

I’ll use film examples to make this Indian film related, but really just think of this as an extended dictionary post.  I use these words a lot, and other film writers do to, but I’ve never really defined them for you.

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The First Problem with Shahrukh Khan: Feminism Doesn’t Mean Treating Women as Your Special Pets

There are two reasons I want to write this post.  First, I’m concerned that my fandom for Shahrukh may be seen as blinding me to his flaws and thereby lowering the power of my analytical voice in general.  Second, I’m concerned that there is a growing chorus of criticism of things that are NOT his flaws which are obscuring the real problems in two areas: his issues as a representative of women in India, and his issues in selling the audience on his recent films.  This also, by the way, doesn’t mean that I think he is a bad actor or a bad person, it is just pointing out that I am not blind and aware he does have faults.

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Badrinath Ki Dulhania Review (SPOILERS): 4 Things That Bother Other People, and 1 Thing That Bothers Me

I’m back!  After I scribbled off my No Spoilers Review in the middle of the night, I am now awake (sort of) and am ready for my SPOILERS review!  And in this case, I am going to say that you should read this whether or not you have seen the movie.  There are already various think pieces going around that critique the film by taking elements in isolation, I want to critique it by taking everything in context.

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