Ajeeb Daastaans Review (No Spoilers): Do Not Think You Know Where These Movies Are Going

Well, this was a FASCINATING collection of short films! I highly highly recommend it. Except for the 2nd film which might have been the most interesting, but also has something happen in it that is so bad I suspect it will be triggering for some of you. I’ll SPOIL it at the end of this review so you can decide for yourself and be warned. Even if you can’t watch that movie, you can still watch the other 3!!!!

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Monday Malayalam: Annmariya Kalippilannu, Kerala Does Dangal Better

Okay, I’m going to try something.  Before, I would get a big DVD order or have a slow week at work, and post a ton of blog posts from Kerala or Tamil Nadu or whatever all at once.  And then hit a point of being busy at work and running out of DVDs or whatever and post no reviews at all for a while.  But that’s not good, this start and stop.  So, now that the big Hindi release season is about to end, I am going to try to stick to a schedule, Monday Malayalam, Tuesday Tamil or Telugu.  And then Hindi or whatever other random thing I am watching (Zindagi Gulzar Hai?) the rest of the week.   Continue reading