Box Office: Mulk Does Bad, Karwaan Does Better, Fanney Khan Does Best

I know, I skipped last week, but there wasn’t much to talk about.  This week, three things to talk about! (as always, figures from renttrack by way of bollywoodhungama)

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Teefa in Trouble Review (SPOILERS): A Film With No Stakes, Just Fun

Don’t read the SPOILER review!  Not if you have a chance of seeing the movie.  There are a lot of delightful twists that are all the more fun for being surprises.  Instead, read the no spoiler review here.  Oh, and if you want to talk about Ali Zafar as a person, you can do that on my special post on him here.

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Teefa in Trouble Review (No Spoilers): A Wonderful Cartoon Playbox for Ali Zafar to Play in and Invite the Audience Along

First, if you want to talk about Ali’s personal issues, jump over to this post.  I put it up specially so I could segregate Ali-the-person discussion from Ali-the-actor/director/producer.  Separate from that, read this review and not the SPOILER review if you can’t see the movie!  It’s a great film with a lot of surprising twists and deserves to be watched with fresh eyes.

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