DCIB Movie Club: Streets of Fire! Songs, Cars, True Love, and Rick Moranis!

I really REALLY hope you watched this!!!! It is SUCH a DCIB movie!!!! So strange, so camp, so unique, and with songs!

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Happy Raees Week! Tezaab Had Gangsters and Garba Before Raees!

I’m I the only one who has seen Streets of Fire?  If so, you must ALL WATCH IT IMMEDIATELY!!!!  Anyway, Streets of Fire was remade in India as Tezaab, with Anil in a tapoori-type role and Madhuri in her break out performance, and lots and lots of 80s style action.

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Varsham: See, in America, a Movie in the Rain Would be Sad. But here, Not So Much!

I saw Varsham!  The same day as Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa, which was weird since they are very different movies who share an actress playing two very different heroines.  But I think I liked Varsham better.  At least, “liked” as in “willing to rewatch it multiple times and happy while viewing it.”  Not so much “liked” as in “thought it was actual a deep and rewarding film with multiple layers and messages.” Continue reading