Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me as I Work from My Sister’s House?

First time I have tried this, the cheap plane tickets meant my flight isn’t until this evening, so it just kind of makes sense to work from her house. But I don’t know, working from somewhere else? Trying to focus on work stuff like family is right there? It all seems difficult.

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Happy Birthday Anil Kapoor! 58 Years Young!

Wait, did you think in all the preparation for Salman I would have forgotten him?  Never!  Oh, and also Christmas.  But even Jesus’ birthday can’t distract me from celebrating Anil!  58 today, and I am doing 25 reasons I love him, for the age he was when he got married. (this is an updated and reposted post from last year)

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Happy Raees Week! Tezaab Had Gangsters and Garba Before Raees!

I’m I the only one who has seen Streets of Fire?  If so, you must ALL WATCH IT IMMEDIATELY!!!!  Anyway, Streets of Fire was remade in India as Tezaab, with Anil in a tapoori-type role and Madhuri in her break out performance, and lots and lots of 80s style action.

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