Box Office Report: Mom Does Good, Ninnu Kori Does Very Good

I’m gonna try to be good and get back on the Box Office report wagon.  Because it really doesn’t mean anything unless you do it every week so you have context.  Even if there isn’t that much of a story this week.

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Global Box Office Report: What is Commando 2 Anyway?

You know that feeling when you are at a party and everyone else is sharing a joke but you missed the beginning and aren’t sure why they are laughing or if it was actually funny?  That’s how I feel about Commando 2.  Suddenly it’s everywhere, and I have no idea what it is or why I should care!

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Dangal Global Box Office: Expectedly Good, But Imagine What it Could Have Been if Disney Promoted it?

Poor Aamir.  I don’t know if it is even possible for him to surprise us at the box office at this point.  Once you reach the limit of how many tickets are even available to sell, and they all sell-out, well then there is no where else to go! (figures are, as always, from Rentrack courtesy of BollywoodHungama)

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Box Office! They Know that North America Had a 4 Day Weekend, Right?

Global figures are out for Dear Zindagi!  Yaaaay!  And it did best in North America!  Which has no significance whatsoever because North America had an extra 2 days in the weekend! And on the other hand, had a lot of competition here! But being a hit in Australia, now THAT is significant! (as always, the figures come from Rentracks courtesy of Bollywoodhungama)

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Fan First Weekend Box Office in Detail

More box office data!  The first meta bit of this, is that there is just SO MUCH data available.  Normally there is just one graph showing the global total for each film for a weekend.  But today, there are 6 different graphs just about Fan.  Clearly, people are really really watching this particular release.

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Global Box Office: As expected, Kapoor and Sons Does Well

Kapoor and Sons opened in Pakistan!  What the heck?  A movie with a gay main character is allowed to play, but Neerja isn’t?  I guess it really is about patriotism, not religion.  Or else Karan’s clever avoidance of actually using the word “gay” (or boyfriend or homosexual or anything else specific) paid off.

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Dilwale Breaks Worldwide Record, Bajirao Lags Behind

Newer Box Office Report Available HERE!!! Dilwale still leads!


Okay, the 4 week report is out, and despite losing screens worldwide, and its steep drop off in the major Indian territories, Dilwale is far outstripping Bajirao in the global box office.

In fact, it has already beat Salman’s Kick receipts, and is coming up on Shahrukh’s own records, for Happy New Year and My Name is Khan.

All of which I predicted!  (if you follow those links, you can see my previous posts).  But, why is this happening?  Why does the global picture look so different from the local?

Update: To see how I think the new Fan “Tu Nahin Samjhega” videos relate to this, check out posts here and here.

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