Thinky Post: Modern Celebrity and Mental Health and Eating Disorders a Little Bit Too

I just caught up on a month and a half of People magazines, and it gave me thinky thoughts! Most of these thoughts are courtesy of People, it really is a good morally responsible magazine. I know that sounds crazy, but no joke, they deal with mental health issues and gun violence and all kinds of things besides “Ben and JLo Together Again!”

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Secret Superstar Review (SPOILERS): An Everyday Story With a Once in a Lifetime Solution

I already put up my No Spoilers review, now this one will give me a chance to talk about the plot in specifics.  I should say, there’s nothing exactly surprising here, the movie could only end one way once the situation was established, but maybe if you want to be surprised by the details of how it plays out, don’t read on.  On the other hand, if you are unable to see the film for any reason, here is where you can learn what happens and what it is about.

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My Favorite Secret Superstar Song is Out! And Also Another One

Aamir tweeted this morning that it was his No. 1 song from the movie, and it is definitely mine!  This is the song I have been going on about, the one we hear a snippet of in the trailer and I have been waiting for the full version.  Oh, and there’s another song that came out a few days ago and I somehow missed, so I might as well talk about that one too.

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