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Happy Birthday Akshaye!!!! Here Are My Favorite Songs of Yours!

Akshaye! Great guy, started out super young as a youthful love interest hero, by his late 20s had graduated to kind of more interesting and original work, then took a 4 year sabbatical, and returned as a powerhouse of a character actor.

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Watch Khoobsurat and Comment Along With Me Here, Starting in 30 Minutes at 2pm Chicago Time!!!!

Putting this post up so you have time to find it and prepare yourself, but the actual start time is at 2pm Chicago time, half an hour from when this post publishes.

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Bingeing Netflix? Remember that Osho Documentary Wild Wild Country? Here is My Review in Honor of Akshaye Khanna’s Birthday!

Poor Akshaye. His Dad abandoned him and ran off and joined a cult when he was a little boy, that kind of thing is probably why he is still unmarried, has no children, and needed to take a 4 year break in the middle of his career and just take care of himself for a while. So in honor of his birthday, I am going to remind us all just how HORRIBLE Osho is/was.

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Hindi Film 101: Kangana Ranaut, a Troubled Person

I have avoided doing a full 101 on Kangana, because I follow a firm rule of “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. There are loads of people that I can look at and hate the sin but love the sinner. With Kangana though, somehow her “sins” are so tied up with her person that I have a hard time separating out “sin” from “sinner”.

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