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Author of book Don't Call It Bollywood, Indian film obsessive, recently graduated Masters student in film studies, person who bores everyone in her real life with her out there theories and thinking on any and all pop culture topics

Monday Morning Questions: What do You Want to Ask Me on Silk Smitha's Birthday?

Happy Monday! After 4 days off in a row, it is less hard than I thought to go back to work. Partly because it was 4 packed busy days so work almost seems like a break.

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For Historic Films Week, A Repost of My Historically Set Rewrites of YRF Hits

These are all just brilliant, and work so much better as period pieces than they did as modern day. Truly, I can’t even pick a favorite among them! Can you?

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Saturday Small Talk: I Got No Sleep, Expect Weird Posts

Happy Saturday! I had big plans to be productive today, and then things went kind of heywire (sp?) last night and I ended up with no sleep. So instead I am going to try to finish writing the posts I promised you, forgive any sleep deprivation weirdness, and otherwise just sit on the couch.

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The Longest and Most Important Post I Ever Wrote: Which Man Looks Best in Blue Jeans?

I think this is my longest TGIF post ever. And it also includes a complex and objective rating system, that you can feel free to disagree with, modify, or use for your own ratings in the comments. But my hope is that it is the perfect post to secretly scroll through on your phone during a stressful family dinner. Oh, and I know this should be updated and new people added, and some photos refreshed and so on, but the good John photos are still here and that’s what really matters.

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2009 Week: Dil Bole Hadippa, Shakespeare By Way of Cricket

Okay, who are my She’s the Man trufans? You know, the Amanda Bynes movie based on Twelfth Night that featured a pre-fame Channing Tatum and then was remade as this movie with Shahid Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee? Anyone? Well, if you are like me, you watch this movie and think “Shahid is good, but is he Channing Tatum good?”

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