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Author of book Don't Call It Bollywood, Indian film obsessive, recently graduated Masters student in film studies, person who bores everyone in her real life with her out there theories and thinking on any and all pop culture topics

Saturday WatchAlong: Aan! The Dilip Kumar Fairy Tale, 8:30am Chicago Time

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay, Fairy Tales! I love fairy tales. And this one has a noble poor boy and a proud princess and all kinds of things.

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Haseena Dillruba Review (SPOILERS): Well, This Went DELIGHTFULLY Over the Top!!!!

What a RIDICULOUS movie! Which knew perfectly well it was ridiculous. If you can’t handle tension and twists and thrillers, read this review to just know the basics of what happened and talk about it with us. Or if you saw it and have Thoughts, you can read my summary and my thoughts and then we can talk!

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Haseena Dillruba Review (No Spoilers): The Funnest Kind of Sexy Trash

Super fun movie! If you like black comedy and thriller twists, you will like this. It’s also a lot lighter than you might thing, the tone never shifts into depression and misery, it’s all just mystery and surprises and ridiculousness. On the other hand, if you don’t like twists and black comedy, maybe not.

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I’m in! I Have a Temporary Home! Wanna See Pictures?

Well, that was a hot miserable depressing day! You know how you buy a house and go “oh it’s PERFECT!” and then you actually take possession and go “I hate this sink”? We had a lot of that yesterday. Walls are dingy, sink is ugly, my friend hates her bathroom tile, and all the plaster in the front wall of the living room has to be replaced. I went to bed depressed, but I woke up happy!

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