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Happy 4th of July! Let’s Talk About Indian American Movies

Happy 4th! I celebrated by doing a purposeful long and meandering drive for curbside pick-up orders, and then returning home and immediately becoming overheated and exhausted. Which is why I didn’t even reply to comments until just now (sorry!). Anyway, for a nice American themed post, I am going to have a mini-discussion of the Indian American film genre.

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Discussion Question: If You Could Show One American Movie to All of India, What Would it Be?

Opposite! I already asked the reverse question on the morning post, Indian movie for America. Easier in some ways for this crowd I think, not because we know more about India than Hollywood but just because we are used to introducing people to Indian films more.

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Anushka Sharma’s Women’s Bodies Trilogy in Honor of US Supreme Court Decision

Woot, Planned Parenthood won a court case! But there will always be another one coming, donate here to help give them the resources they need. And to help us understand how important their work is, let us look at Anushka’s angry supernatural trilogy of the horrors that happen when a woman does not have control over her own body. (I know I say “no politics” all the time, but so far as I am concerned, this is not political but personal. anyway, it’s my blog, I get to make the rules)

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