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2010s Award: Best Reema-Zoya Product of the Decade Poll Post!

I was going to do of 2019, make it a challenge between Made in Heaven and Gully Boy, but then I decided to make this really REALLY hard and expand our favorite partner pair to the whole decade.

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2019 Award Post: What is Your Song of the Year?

This is a nice fun subjective post. This isn’t everyone’s song of the year, just YOUR song of the year. And then based on the responses, we can try to come up with a DCIB community majority Song of the Year.

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Worst Ranbir Kapoor Film of the 2010s, Poll Post

Seems like, along with being an unofficial SRK fansite, we have also become an unofficial Akshay Kumar/Ranbir Kapoor anti-fan site. And I’m kind of okay with that, whatever makes us happy. Anyway, to go along with the “worst Akshay film of the 2010s”, we must also consider “worst Ranbir film of the 2010s”.

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2019 Thursday Tamil: Super Deluxe, the Movie Everyone Else Loved and I Had Issues

This should be divisive! Or, maybe not. My first reviews were divisive because they were pulling people who really liked the movie, but at this point it’s only going to be us DCIB regulars and I don’t think any of you were super super enamored? Oh, and fun thing about this review, I am combining the short review I wrote immediately which was flattering, with the SPOILER review I wrote after thinking for a day which was far more critical. So you can see my thought process develop over time, ooooo!

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Resolutions Hindi Cinema Should Make for 2020: From Better Streaming Deals, to Finally Finishing Brahmastra

I have to say, Hindi Cinema could do a lot of things better! Like, as an industry. Terrible habits it has fallen in to of procrastination, laziness, and overspending. Here are some suggestions I am offering for what the industry as a whole should be doing.

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