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DDLJ Analysis Announcement: You Give Me the Pictures, I’ll Finish It!

Just got another comment asking when I was gonna finish that. And really, the hardest part is getting the dang images. I start with about 1 image for every 5 seconds of film time, then cull it down to the best ones to talk about and do the analysis. But pulling and saving and storing 1 image for 5 seconds of film time is really really tedious and time consuming! The analysis is a piece of cake in comparison.

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Weekend WatchAlong: Saturday or Sunday Morning! Shahrukh Comfort Food, JHMS Time!!!

Ready to laugh? You know how my entire house is falling apart in a series of escalating disasters? I also just got an email from the city about a $100 unpaid ticket from 5 years ago. I am 99% sure I paid it, but how the heck am I gonna prove that? UGH!!! It’s time to watch JHMS.

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Very SRK Valentines: Best Outfits! Starting with, Onscreen Traditional Formal Wear

Oh boy! Get ready to see a lot of sparkles, scarves, and long shirts! We will do this category, and then another category for “offscreen casual” and a final category for “western formal on/off”. And possibly a 4th category that’s just “sweaters”? What do you think?

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Weekend WatchAlong: Trying for a Different Time so New Folks Can Join Us!!! Oh, and HAS to Be an SRK Movie, because Valentine’s Day

Happy Thursday!!! Last weekend we came close to being able to do a watchalong later than Dawn Chicago Time, so some slightly different folks could join. But I couldn’t quite make the time work. So, trying again! In particular, I want newish-commentator Naina to be able to join. So, NAINA! Be sure to tell us your availabilities!

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