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Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening To This Week?

Happy Wednesday! I had a lovely lovely day yesterday, and now I am at work and sleep-deprived, the price I pay for a lovely lovely day.

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Upcoming Movie Reviews: Brothers Day, Enakkul Oruvan, Billu, Chak De! India

Yaaaaay, a new Prithvi movie is on Prime. Not a great one, but a new-to-us one. And I just remembered a Tamil film that I really loved that I should repost the review for.

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Film Companion Publishes Homophobic Article

Urgh, I hate responding to stuff! It’s always so mean, picking apart some other writer’s words. But in this case, it is hate speech that has been given a platform by a site I respect and which I know many of you read, so I feel a moral obligation to discuss it. (thank you for the link Alisa! Otherwise I would have remained ignorant/the article would not get the response it requires)

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Daily Hrithik Shipping Post: What Other Films Has He Had Chemistry With His Co-Stars?

Sorry Tiger, I’m dropping you. Ultimately you just aren’t that interesting. But let us take a look back at Hrithik without Tiger and with someone else. What other films has he managed to create similar chemistry with his co-stars?

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News Round-Up: Casting Rumors of Future Films! 2000s Are Back, Suniel, Preity, and Maddy Are All Rumored

Everyone decided to start the work week by giving bollywoodhungama stories that may or may not be true depending on what the future holds. I should join in! I can tell bollywoodhungama that I am currently planning to make a flash mob youtube video that will go viral. Will I? Doesn’t matter! The story is that, as of this moment, I am PLANNING to do so.

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Monday Morning Questions Post: What Do You Want to Ask Me on Columbus Day?

Happy Columbus Day! I am working, as are most people in America. Which is kind of okay really, considering Columbus was a rapist slaver. Although the Ohio town that is named for him is pretty great, I would happy spend a day celebrating that. Or, “indigenous people day”, which is the more popular alternative and really a generally good idea.

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Daily Hrithik-Tiger Shipping Post, a Screenshot Album

I thought I had gotten it out of my system, but apparently not. Also, it’s Saturday so I don’t have to think and be mature. For the good of us all, I am now going to comb through the songs and trailers for the best possible images. And then we can use them to decorate our “Hrithik+Tiger= Tru Luv 4Ever” clubhouse.

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Hindi Film 101: Love Between Men in Indian Cinema

Oh boy, a Big Thought post! As always with these posts, every single point and discussion is TM Me, so if you find yourself repeating them somewhere else on the internet, please please give proper attribution. There is nothing more depressing than when I end up on some other site and realize a post or comment is just my ideas repackaged and relabeled under someone else’s name.

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