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Valentine’s Week Review: Hasee Toh Phasee! Two Broken People Fixing Each Other

Well, this is a remarkable film! It’s actually a lot deeper than I expected, reminded me of Jab Harry Met Sejal more than anything. One of those movies that is less a love story and more a story of two lost souls helping each other be found.

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Badla Trailer: Red Chillies Commits to Thrillers

I wouldn’t bother with this trailer if it were just another Amitabh revenge thriller type thing, but it’s produced by Red Chillies, which adds on another layer of interest.

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News Update: Alia Responds to Kangana, Why Context is Important

Sometimes I really hate media. This is being sold as “Alia-Kangana Feud Heats Up!”, but really it is just Kangana making wild insane (literally) accusations and Alia trying not to deal with it. Exactly like the Hrithik situation, which was sold as “Hrithik-Kangana Break-Up Goes Bad!” instead of “Hrithik Roshan is Victimized by a Stalker”.

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Gully Boy Soundtrack Song By Song, Artists and Background Explained

Emily posted a link to a really interesting article about how the Gully Boy soundtrack was put together by multiple musicians with every song different (article here). That got me to listen to the soundtrack and go “wow, every song IS different!” And that got me to want to write this post, where I go into the musicians behind each song.

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News Round-Up: Kangana’s Nasty, Kareena’s Nice, Sid’s Fake-Dating, and Pankaj Has a New Job

Well, Kangana is now publicly spiraling out. And the response is STILL “gee, so outspoken, so honest!” Well, at least from the comments and analysis on her pet site Pinkvilla, I think other sites are a wee bit more “this woman is crazy”.

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Happy News Items: Arjun Kapoor’s Body to Karan’s Twins

I am continuing my attempt to not let the weather get me down (I think I may need to pay gobs of money for last minute tickets to Florida or something. February in Chicago is REALLY REALLY HARD). So, here are news items that are completely unimportant and yet make me smile! Smile along with me!

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Rainy Day Post, Happy Songs!

It is just the worst weather right now outside my window. Overcast and mildly rainy, not even the excitement of a serious storm. Plus my windshield wipers stopped working this morning, which is also the kind of irritating-but-not-exciting version of car problems. It’s just bleh. So I am going to indulge myself with a post of songs that make me happy. And feel free to put your own “happy songs” recommendations in the comments!

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