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NRI Week: Bend it Like Beckham, A Story for Girls

Everyone should watch this movie. It’s available for rent or purchase on basically every streaming service, and believe me you will want to purchase it.

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NRI Week: Loins of Punjab Presents, the Best Movie on the Indian-American Experience

I just watched this movie for the 4th time, and it is still So. Good!  And such a hard sell!  I’ve seen it 4 times partly because people will only watch it if I sit next to them and force them to.  Because the title alone really isn’t enough to sell it.

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NRI Week: Ivide, An American Family Story

This is such a fascinating wonderful movie, so many themes woven into it, and no easy answers. And tragically, it is impossible to find with subtitles. Looks like it might be available through WorldCat (the extreme University version of inter-library loan) and on the UK, India, and Australia amazon on DVD. And also, Movie Time Video, the wonderful New Jersey store that offers rent-by-mail. So if you live in one of those three countries, or have access to WorldCat, or a rental account with NJMT, you can watch it! Otherwise, you can struggle along with the Einthusan no-subtitles version. Thankfully a lot of the dialogue is English, so you might be able to make it work.

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NRI Week: Neal ‘N Nikki, Don’t Be Fooled By the Surface, NRIs still want Love and Romance

Such a bad/good movie! I forgot about it when I posted the schedule for the week, but that was kind of good. I don’t necessarily want to encourage people to watch this movie. But if you already watched it and liked it, here is a reminder of why you liked it. And I forgot, this review is also HILARIOUS. So if you like reading me lovingly taking down a bad movie, you should read this.

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Women Directors Week Sequel Post: Sequels for Zoya and Reema, Gauri, and Tanuja; Luck By Chance, Talaash, Dil Dhadakne Do, Gully Boy, English/Vinglish, Dear Zindagi, Qarib Qarib Singlle

I’m still fighting off a case of the Mondays, and nothing cheers me up like fanfic! And this is fun fanfic, the ones where I don’t have to come up with characters and stuff, I can just piggyback on characters we already know and love.

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Sunday ReRun/Women Directors Week: Dil Dhadakne Do! Reema and Zoya Give Us a Mother, a Wife, and a Maiden

Interesting, this film gives us 3 separate female leads, and each in a different phase of female life. And the one who is in the most typical filmi phase, Anushka as the “maiden”, actually gets the least amount of screentime.

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Happy Birthday Suniel Shetty! Let’s Look at Beautiful Suniel Photos

Patricia Merry sent me a message reminding me of Suniel’s birthday, thank goodness, because otherwise we might not get to celebrate together. Oh Suniel! So photogenic in an odd way that doesn’t feel photogenic! Like, you don’t look at his photos and think “there is a perfect model handsome man”, you look at them and think “I enjoy looking at this face”. Or else you think, “I would marry that man just for his vacation villa and I’m not even normally a house person”.

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Jabariya Jodi Review (SPOILERS): Way Too Many Twists For One Love Story to Carry!

This movie is….fine. It’s not great and perfect, but I will happily rewatch the best bits over and over again, and the worst bits aren’t torture. If you like rom-coms and you want to see it, read the no spoiler review instead. If you don’t like rom-coms but are still curious about it, you can read this.

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Independence Day Counter-Programming: The Best Overseas Indian Films

I am sooooooooooooo sick of Indian patriotism movies. At this point, it’s just lazy. It’s not even good movies, it’s just any old trash and then you throw in a flag and the national anthem and people will watch it. So I am doing counter-programming for Independence week! Movies about Indians who aren’t in India any more, and are happy about it. Centered around Independence Day itself when I will have a glorious festival of non-Indian movies about non-Indian desis.

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