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Important Discussion Post! Which of These Videos is the Gayest?

I’ve narrowed it down to my top three, but I just can’t pick between them! They are all wonderful and I love them all in their unapologetic “the audience will never get this so we are just gonna go for it” over the top romance.

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Wednesday Malayalam: Ranam, Desi Detroit

Well, I know at least one of you also watched this, so the two of us can have a nice discussion about non-toxic masculinity and Prithviraj being hot.

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Friday Classic Announcement: Udaan, the Movie That Spoke the Unspoken in Indian Society, Friday 6/21

This movie was such a revolution. I remember hearing about it when it came out, and it still comes up. No one says the details, just “Udaan” and then the conversation ends. It crossed the one major final barrier of Indian society and there hasn’t been a film since that has gone as far. Oh, and it’s on Netflix.

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Upcoming Reviews! Now That I Have Convinced You All to Get Hotstar, Catch Up on Ranam 6/19 and Stree (also on Netflix) 6/23!

On Friday I posted a deeply felt and carefully considered analysis of all the streaming options, which broke down to “you should all get Hotstar, it is the only way to live”. So now that (presumably) you all have Hotstar, I am going to recommend two Hotstar movies! One of which is exclusive, the other is also on Netflix

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Hindi Film 101: Salman Khan, the Final Part, the Timeline of His Life

I’ve reached the end! And this is just the basic stuff so you have a reference point if you need one. There’s a lot more I could write about Salman, but then his life is still going and his career is still going and you can read all those things in lots of other places. I just wanted to focus on the big personal lessor known highlights. And now I’ll give the general personal and professional timeline for reference.

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