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It’s that time again, the time I remind everyone that it is a good thing to tip people who provide a service, even if that service is writing on the internet.  Think of it as a New Year’s Resolution, start the year off right by paying off your debts, including your debt to me for giving you entertainment all year long.



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#MeToo : VVC and Rajkumar Hirani Productions and the Issue of Official and Unoffical Corporate Ties

Remember the two #MeToo rules on DCIB: If you are going to repeat a story about someone, you must link back to the original source so we can all read it and judge for ourselves. And if possible, try to make the discussion broader and productive instead of personal. I’m going to try to follow both those rules myself with the Hirani story, giving a link back to the original source here, and talking about the broader issue I see what what happened.

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Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me on Makar Sankranti?

Happy Monday! If I am understanding this holiday correctly, it makes the end of the solar month that contained the Winter Solstice. Basically a big party of “the Sun’s Coming Back!!! The Sun’s Coming Back!!!” And with that in mind, it is dedicated to Surya. All of this is things I can get behind, so I thought I would share it with you.

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Simmba Review (SPOILERS): An Anti-Hero Who Isn’t Quite as “Anti” as He Thinks He Is

I’m finally going to spoil Simmba! Long after everyone else in the world has had a chance to watch it! Which means I don’t have to put in much of a SPOILER warning. If you want to see the movie, I assume you have already watched it. If you don’t want to see the movie but want to know what happens, then this is the place!

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2018 Break Out Male Star

Same rules as the female post! Not the first film, but rather the biggest leap film, from unknown to known, or minor star to major star, or whatever it is. Before you ask, I’m not including Rajkummar Rao or Ayushmann Khurrana, because I feel like their stellar 2018s were just a continuation of their stellar 2017s, not a leap even higher.

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Break-Out Actress of 2018

I’ve decided I get to make up my own rules for this category. It’s not an actress whose first movie was this year (although there are some of those), it could also be an actress who had been around for a while but finally got noticed this year. And as always, I will make my nominations just to get the ball rolling, but you can write in your own votes too.

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