Happy St. Patrick’s Day! All the Irish-Indian Connections I Can Think Of

(This is a re-posted post from last year, because I am lazy.) There really aren’t as many connections between Ireland and India as you would expect.  They both start with “I”?  They are both former British colonies?  Their flags are confusingly similar?  The both have disputed territories to the north? But what few connections I could remember, I have pulled up and highlighted, on this, the ridiculous made-up unofficial international Ireland celebration day.

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Made in Heaven Episode 8: Politicians and the Rewards of Doing the Right Thing

Finally, some happy couples! Of course, they are the ones who mostly avoid the whole wedding insanity. Which is why we only seem to see bad people in this show, the ones who buy into the need for the expensive showy wedding. (oh, and index of all my Made in Heaven reviews is here)

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