Raid Review (SPOILERS): Nothing Extraneous, Nothing Uninteresting

This was a really good movie.  The plot is almost exactly what is shown in the trailer, no real surprises, and yet it is still enjoyable to watch because it is so well-made.  So, you can read this SPOILER review and still see the movie and enjoy it almost just the same as if you didn’t know what was going to happen.  But if you are obsessive about avoiding spoilers, you can read the No Spoilers review.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The Few Irish-India Connections I Can Think of!

(This is a re-posted post from last year, because I am lazy.) There really aren’t as many connections between Ireland and India as you would expect.  They both start with “I”?  They are both former British colonies?  Their flags are confusingly similar?  The both have disputed territories to the north? But what few connections I could remember, I have pulled up and highlighted, on this, the ridiculous made-up unofficial international Ireland celebration day.

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This is the Only Way This Blog Can Grow and You Are the Only Ones Who Can Do It

I actually ran the numbers for 2017.  Claudia, my German reader, by posting 9 times in a German language fan forum, gained me 506 new readers.  Not all of them stayed, but 506 separate people clicked through from her comments to my blog.

Someone else who I don’t know posted twice in the comments on a Bhawadraj Rangan review and gained me 177 click throughs.  In contrast, I wrote a guest post for srkuniverse, a massive fan community, and that post with their official stamp of approval got me only 66 views.

So when I say to you that the best way to gain me new views is to put a link in the comments of another site, or in another forum, I’m not kidding!  It’s practically the only way.  And it isn’t something I can do for myself, no one clicks through links posted by the author.

So, here’s your monthly request to please help by posting links to my related content on other sites.

Oh, and also, COMMENT!!!!  I also ran the numbers on that.  Every comment gets me 20 views.  People who may have already seen the post clicking through to it, others who wouldn’t have read it otherwise clicking through to read the comments.  It doesn’t have to be a brilliant comment, just say “I love this film!  —— was so good in their role!”, that’s enough.  Or, if you want to be really easy, just answer the questions at the end of the TGIF or FanFic posts.


So, two things.  Real simple.  And that have an enormous effect.

Hindi Film 101: Fan Identities and Shifting Stardom

Bollywood Newbie brought up a really interesting topic in my post on Aamir’s birthday yesterday.  What identity does belonging to certain fandoms give you?  This is kind of a high level fan study/media meaning making topic, so I want to hear what you all think, but I also want to give you some framework for the discussion first.

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Help Support This Blog! Buy My Book! Or At Least Turn Off Addblocker

Here’s an exciting thing, I finally got around to visiting and updating my Patreon site so it makes more sense. Click below to view it:

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If you set up a monthly subscription to me through them (just like you do for Netflix and magazines and all the other entertainment sources you use), I will mail you a thank you card!  $5 or more a month gets you a card for every holiday.  $10 or more a month gets you a card EVERY SINGLE MONTH!!!!  And who wouldn’t want one of my cards every month?



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One other request that costs you nothing.  Please “whitelist” my site.  That is, turn off your adblocker when you are here.  I know ads are irritating and all that, but it’s part of what helps me pay for movie tickets and my domain name and everything else.  Well, not really pay for it, but it helps me not lose quite as much money.  So if you have adblocker going all the time and don’t even think about it (as I do myself), this is a reminder to turn it off on my website because you like me so much.



There is a little button on the menu at the top, if you enjoy my writing and want me to keep going, you can always click there to give me a donation. If you don’t have the money, or don’t feel my content is worth paying for, that’s okay too.

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Donate to the site, $1 or $2 or $20 or $200, however much you want.


And thanks for reading!

Monday Malayalam: Mayaanadhi (No Spoilers), The Illusions That Help Us Live Our Lives

What a wonderful movie!  I was sold this as a Tovino Thomas romance, and it is that, sort of, but it’s really more than that, a full character study of a woman and her life, and the way men treat her and the man she loves is part of that.  But not all of it.

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Pari Review (SPOILERS): The Primal Fear of All Men Which Leads to the Primal Danger for All Women

Well, that was as draining and difficult as expected.  NOT because it was a fake horror movie, but because it was a fake horror movie that was representing real horrors.  If you are planning to watch it, don’t read on, read the no spoilers review instead.  But if you aren’t planning to watch it and want to join in a fascinating discussion, please do!

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Pari Review (No Spoilers): A Fairy Tale After All

Third movie in theaters in one weekend!  Woo-hoo!  Partly possible because I didn’t have to teach Sunday School for once, and because I was able to get to the early show on Friday so I didn’t spend my Saturday exhausted.  So don’t get used to this, might be the only weekend for a while that I can make it happen.  But it was nice to manage it once.

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Silly Sunday: For Women’s Day! Movies About Strong Women

Happy Sunday!  This week, a collection of movies about strong survivor type women.  Going with just outlines again, because I love it when you help me fill in the outlines!  Oh, and if you are looking for SRK, he is at the last story.

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