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Manmarziyaan Review (SPOILERS): It’s All About Taapsee’s Heart

Oh boy, spoilers time! For me at least, there is nothing more stressful than a love triangle. I am always worried that the wrong couple will end up together. If you want that stress removed, you can read this and know how it ends. But on the other hand, a lot of the entertainment of the film is not being sure how it will end and trying to guess. So if you want that entertainment, read the No Spoilers review instead.

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Manmarziyaan Review (No Spoilers): An Anurag Kashyap Movie I Actually Liked

I am so glad I saw this movie!  It meant driving for over an hour there and back and spending hideous amounts of money on the tickets (I do not understand the release strategy at all.  Why only one theater, and only the most expensive theater?), but it was exciting and different and most of all, just plain GOOD.

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Happy International Positive Thinking Day! Watch My Mental Gymnastics As I Take All The Worst Things of Hindi Film and Make Them Good!

This is a holiday MADE FOR ME.  I am all about the positive thinking.  To an almost unhealthy degree, I have no patience with myself when I am self-pitying. “Suck it up, Margaret!”, I think, “Find the bright side and stop whining!”, I order myself.  But look!  Now the International Day people (whoever they are) have given me a challenge, let’s see if I can rise to it, and find something that it would be almost impossible to be positive about and somehow manage it.

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Tuesday Telugu: Something Something, A Pleasant Farce with a Bad Heroine

Did anyone notice I missed last week?  This was supposed to go up on Thursday, and then it got overwhelmed by Section 377 celebrations so I bumped it to today.  And next week I am skipping again, sort of, because there will be the Kabali Rerun (watch it before Tuesday so you can join the discussion!).

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Hindi Film 101: A History of T-Series, the World’s Most Popular YouTube Channel

I just saw a little news article about Bhushan Kumar being facilitated for having the most popular channel on youtube.  Which I thought must mean “youtube in India”.  But, nope!  In the entire global youtube market, T-Series has the most viewers.  By several million. And it has the second most subscribers, on track to become the most subscribed within months.  How did we get here?  How did an Indian music and movie company become the most popular video streaming channel in the world?

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My Grandpa Reviews Jodha-Akbar, Ghajini, Tara Zameen Par, Talaash, Wake Up Sid, and Jab Tak Hain Jaan

Today is my Grandpa’s birthday, last year I did a whole survey of his life, so this year I want to do something a little different.  I control my Grandpa’s Netflix list, which means sometimes I sneak in Indian movies.  Grandpa loves movies and has very clear and firm opinions on them, which he types up and shares with the rest of the family.  He just sent his thoughts on Ghajini, which inspired me to track down a few other reviews to share with you all.

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Monday Malayalam Film School: Angamaly Diaries, the Best Made Indian Film Since Guru Dutt

Sorry, forgot when I “assigned” this film to be watched this week that my review is SO FREAKING LONG.  Oh well, great art excites me.  If you want to know why this film is just breathtaking, then you should read my no spoilers review.  Because the amazing part of the film isn’t in the story it is telling and what happens, it is in how the story is told.  But if you want to read a little more in depth discussion about the film and every aspect of it, not just the breathtaking parts, you can read on.

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Trailer Update: Everything Old is New Again! A New Bhatt Young Romance, A New Govinda Comedy, and a Remake of a Kishore Classic

Funny collection of trailers today, one of them is for a movie that isn’t even playing in theaters.  I guess they are just the September dregs, not big enough to wait for Diwali or another holiday, so might as well throw out the promotions and the films now.

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Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me?

Happy Monday!  I had an exhausting weekend, my sister and brother-in-law were in town, we all drove up to the family place and helped Mom and Dad do hard manual labor to get it closed up for the fall.  Well, almost closed up.  There’s one more exhausting weekend coming. Anyway, distract me from being exhausted at work!  As me questions! Continue reading

Sunday Film School Rerun: My Name is Khan, Shahrukh Khan’s Take on Autism, and Activism

This is a very good deep review that did not get many readers or comments the first time around. So this time I gave you a weeks warning, so you could rewatch the film and know when the review is coming. Let’s see how it does this time! I don’t care as much about the views, but I really want to read your comments. It’s an important film to me, and I want to know what other people think about it.

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Silly Sunday: All About Eve Remake With Shahrukh Khan! Just Because I Want It

This is almost as indulgent as when I rewrote The Philadelphia Story.  Who in this day and age and on an Indian film blog knows the movie All About Eve?  To the point of remembering all the details of the characters and themes and stuff?  Oh well, it makes me happy, and keeps me tied to me roots (my roots being American movies before 1960 which were what I watched exclusively for the first 18 years of my life).  Anyway, Procrastinatrix suggested the idea, so I know she at least will be interested.

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Saturday Small Talk: What Do You Want to Chat About on Ashaji’s Birthday?

I am out at the summer place, again, which doesn’t mean I am totally unavailable but might mean there are stretches when I’m not around.  So there better not be any big stories popping up that I am missing!  I don’t want any trailer releases or engagements or so on while I can’t read every article and write long posts.

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