Happy 19 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! 19 Best Costumes

I know I already did a silly one yesterday, but I’ve got another looooooooong series of fanfics coming tomorrow, and I am worn out!  So another easy silly one today. Outfits!  Although I am going to try to actually rank them, so that will give you something fun to argue about in the comments.

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Friday Classics: Kaho Na Pyar Hai! The Movie That Makes Everyone Feel Like a Teenage Girl

A side effect of the whole Hrithik-Kangana madness is that it made me think about Kaho Na Pyar Hai.  Because that is tied with Koi Mil Gaya, in my mind, for Peak-Hrithik.  Agneepath is probably his best acting job, or maybe Jodha-Akbar, but this film most perfectly encapsulates his overall appeal.

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Sunny Songs for a Rainy Day

(This is an updated and re-written and edited reposted post from last year, because I am lazy and the weather is awful again)  It’s been overcast and raining here for over 24 hours now, and I just want to see the sun!  And also, our discussions have been somewhat heated and excited for the past few days, so I thought it would be good to put up a post that makes you feel light and happy.

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Box Office Report: Mahanubhavudu Continues the Telugu Trend, Chef Fails to Sizzle

Another depressing week at the box office!  Which people are trying to spin as good thanks to Judwaa breaking Badrinath Ki Dulhania‘s record.  But that was on many fewer screens with a lot less pressure, whereas right now Judwaa is the only game in town and it’s just not doing that great if you think of it that way.  (as always, figures courtesy of bollywoodhungama)

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Don’t Forget You Can Contact Me

This is related to the Padmavati post and the discussion following.  There are some ideas that are coming up, some more elaborate discussion topics, which might be confusing for my non-desi readers in particular.  I don’t want to bore my desi readers with this background; however, I feel an obligation to provide that context as desired to others.  Please if you are confused, distressed, conflicted over what you are reading, or merely concerned and wonder how it is affecting the blog/my intent, feel free to reach out and I will provide additional information in a more private forum.


Think of it as a professor’s office hours, I have given the public lecture to the whole class, and there has been a public class discussion, but if you feel like there is a question you would like to discuss with me in depth, or ask me in private, I am available outside of class hours as well.  The kind of discussion we are getting in to is so important that I feel a moral obligation to discuss it until all your questions are resolved, and I know some of you may feel a moral obligation to search further until you reach full understanding.

Happy 22 Days to SRK’s Birthday! 22 Interesting Co-Stars

Happy Amitabh’s birthday again!  And, because it is his birthday, I thought I would do a Shahrukh birthday post that could kind of work for Amitji too.  So, co-stars!!!!  Not in order in any way, just 22 that are interesting to think about.

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Tuesday Tamil: Solo (SPOILERS Review), More Than the Sum of Its Parts

Okay, let’s do this!  Tuesday Tamil!  Actually on Tuesday!  My box office post is still going to be late this week, but at least everything else will be back on track.  Plus, I am excited to talk about plot details for this movie. (no spoiler review went up earlier today)

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Monday Malayalam: I Saw Solo! What an Interesting Experiment (No Spoilers Review)

Sorry!  Padmavati took all my time yesterday, so we missed Monday Malayalam.  And now I am doubling up on Tuesday, a no spoilers and a spoilers review, both, for Solo.  Because it came out in Malayalam and Tamil, so I have decided it works for both.

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Padmavati, Orientalism, History, and Art

Happy Monday!  And the Padmavati trailer is out.  Was released in the middle of the night.  Quite a thing to wake up to!  And be warned, this started as simple discussion of the trailer and ended up going into a whole different and very intense kind of direction.  Which probably most of you will disagree with, I am happy to debate you in the comments so long as you remain respectful of those who disagree with you.

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Silly Sunday Post: Happy 25 Days to SRK’s Birthday! 25 Characters in Need of More Story

I was tempted to do one long post for one of these, but that would break the list pattern.  Plus, be harder to write.  So some will be longer, some will be shorter, but there will be a full 25.  And that will give you all a lot to talk about in the comments.

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Chef Review (SPOILERS): They Didn’t Know How to End It

No Spoilers review went up last night, and this is a good pleasant enjoyable film, so you shouldn’t necessarily read the spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet.  But on the other hand, most of the plot is kind of given in the trailer, so maybe it doesn’t matter as much?

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