Sultan Coverage Index

And here we are at the 3rd major film I covered in blogging!  Meaning multiple theme posts leading up to release, then multiple reviews, and then a sloooooooooow multi-part scene by scene coverage.

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Jab Harry Met Sejal Part 11: The DDLJ Moment Re-Invented

This is perhaps my least favorite part of the movie.  Not because it is boring or unbeautiful or anything, just because it feels like the part that fits least with the rest of it.  I can make it work (as I will explain below), but it isn’t quite the perfect fit with no struggle that the rest of the film is. (full index of Jab Harry Met Sejal posts here)

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Tuesday Tamil (On Wednesday): VIP 2! A Fun Film to See in Theaters

Well, I saw another new Tamil movie in theaters! Kabali, Vikram-Vedha, and now this.  So, 66.6666% of all Tamil films I see in theaters start with “V”.  And another 66.66666% involve relatives of Aishwarya Rajnikanth.  And 100% of them involve me arriving at the last minute and missing the trailers.  Oh well.

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Think This Blog is Worth Reading And More People Should Read it? Here’s How To Make That Happen!

There has been a little flurry of retweets and stuff since I started my Jab Harry Met Sejal coverage, which is super cool.  So this is both your “hey, good job!” and your “please keep doing that, it really helps!” post.  Totally unrelated to the reader thank you post I just put up, by the way.  These posts, the “promote me!” posts, go up on the 16th of every month, that thank you post was just randomly this week because I got a coupon for cards and I wanted to give you things.

So, here’s your monthly reminder that I have no money or time for promoting myself so, if you think more people should be reading this blog, I need your help to make that happen.

Here are 5 simple things you can do to help more people find me:

  • If you participate in any real life Indian/Indian film community (meet-up group, friendly movie night, a Hindi class, a dance class, just being alive and in India), please mention my blog.
  • If you participate in any other online Indian film community, message boards, or other blogs, or podcasts, or youtube channels, please mention and link back to me in your comments.
  • Re-blog me!  Or re-tweet me or re-post me on Facebook.  Or re-snapchat me or whatever else it is that the kids are into these days.
  • Message anything you think is particularly good directly to the people involved.  I’ve seen some of you already doing this, re-tweeting something I wrote directly to a director or a star or their fanclub.  And I appreciate it and that is a great idea!
  • COMMENT!!!  My view count goes up per post with every comment.  And, by the way, if you want me to write more posts of a certain kind (Malayalam, Tamil, shot by shot film summaries, etc.), commenting on them is the best way to make that happen.

Jab Harry Met Sejal Part 10: Girlfriend Proposal

Well, this is a let down.  Nothing is going to be as good as the last section.  Well, until I get to the last-last section.  Anyway, this bit has some hard work to do bringing us down from the emotional high we just experienced.  It does the job, but it’s not very interesting.

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I Still Want To Thank You! Don’t Forget To Get Your Card!

Yes, I am going to keep putting up these posts until I feel like I have heard from everybody.  I want to send you awesome thank you cards for reading my blog and making my life so much richer!  And all you have to do is follow the simple instructions below. Oh, and do that even if you already gave me your address for the last give away, I’m not mailing anything until you give me permission even if I already have your address because that would be creepy and wrong.  (and read below anyway even if you have already given your address if you want to see another cool old card example from me)

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Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Thinking and Watching This Week?

Welcome to your general discussion post!  Here is where you tell me how many times you have seen Jab Harry Met Sejal, what other SRK movies it inspired you to rewatch, etc. etc.  Or, how very little interest you have in Jab Harry Met Sejal and how frustrated you are that the blog has been entirely turned over to that coverage. (sorry-not-sorry, I am getting SO MANY views and comments, and anyway, I love the movie and writing about it makes me happy)

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Jab Harry Met Sejal Part 9: Radha! FINALLY!!! The Emotional-Creative-Character-Plot Peak of the Film

You know the only thing it isn’t the “peak” of?  Sexiness.  Comes in at least third, after the maroon dress bedroom scene, and of course the ending.  But it’s a little sexy too, in that “people liking each other and being happy is sexy” kind of way.  Not in the “I must have you right now and am shaking with desire!” kind of way that the other two scenes are.  I mean, the characters are shaking with desire, not the audience.  Although if you were too, I won’t judge. (full index of JHMS coverage here)

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Box Office: Toilet Goes the Other Way in Australia

Huh?  Huh?  How great is that headline!  If you have previously run across the myth of the Coriolis effect that doesn’t actually work that way?  Because otherwise it doesn’t make any sense.  I may have overreached. (as always figures are from bollywoodhungama)

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Monthly Donation/Patreon/Book Purchase Reminder

I am trying to be pragmatic, and also to remember that I have new readers occasionally, and therefore putting up a monthly little reminder that there are ways to give me money if you feel like giving me money.

So, this is your monthly reminder that there are donation options if you feel an urge to pay me for providing content!  Because maybe you are a new reader, or maybe you suddenly got a raise at work and are wondering what to spend it on, or maybe you just forgot that there are ways to send me money if you want to show me appreciation for what I do.  So this is a reminder!

(I provide free content all day every day, so one tiny post a month reminding you that I am a real person whose work has value seems fair, right?  Please don’t hate me!)

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Jab Harry Met Sejal Part 8: Radha! Almost! I Got Bogged Down in Set-Up

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!  I get to talk about my favorite part of the film!  I’m SO EXCITED!  Even though I kind of already went over this whole section in my first review.  I don’t care, I’ll find new things to say. (full index of Jab Harry Met Sejal coverage here)

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Monday Malayalam/Happy Independence Day: Njan, A Different Kind of Independence Story

Well, this was fascinating!  Random pick from my Malayalam shelf, turns out to be the Malayalam version of an Independence film which is very very different from anywhere else.  Which I am particularly aware of, having just written a bunch of Independence themed posts!

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Thank You for Reading! I Want to Give You Things!

Happy end of summer/beginning of fall, my favorite season!  And one of the things I am most excited about this fall is that people actually read what I say on this blog!  It’s so AMAZING!!!  And I want to thank you all for that.  I sent out thank you cards last spring (some of you were here for that), but now it’s time to thank you again.  Or for the first time if you weren’t here last spring.  So, even if you got a card last spring already, or just started reading, or have never commented, or comment constantly, doesn’t matter, I still want to send you a Fall greeting card to say “THANK YOU!!!!”  And read on for instructions on how you can make that happen.

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Silly Sunday Speculative Post: What If Our Favorite Historical Characters Were Allowed Happy Endings? Rang De Basanti, Asoka, Mughal-E-Azam

This is semi-inspired by a conversation I had in the comments on the Rang De Basanti post with Shaily about what would need to change for Siddharth and Soha to end up together.  Essentially, the whole movie except for the characters.  Which got me thinking about all the Indian historical films that I really wish could have historically inaccurate happier endings.

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Happy Independence Day! Post 4, Lage Raho Munna Bhai

Happy Independence Day in Advance!  Like I said, I am tossing these posts out on a more or less daily basis until the 15th.  Partly because it’s a big holiday that deserves to be celebrated, partly because I want to give options to those of you who are not interested in my JHMS scene by scene.  These aren’t “real” posts (except for Rang De Basanti, I can’t skimp on that one), they are just quick little idea posts about the films, so don’t expect me to go super in depth here.

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Happy Birthday Vyjantimala! You and Sridevi, The Two Great Actresses Born on the Same Great Day

So cool!  It’s like, August 13th is “Day of great dancers with big eyes and sweet smiles”.  I did 14 reasons I love Sridevi, I am sure I can come up with 14 for Vyjantimala! (this is an updated and reposted post from last year)

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Happy Birthday Sridevi! 14 Reasons I Love You!

It’s Sridevi’s birthday!  I am so excited about celebrating!  Because it means we all get to watch a bunch of really great song sequences as I list of my reasons that I love her.  I did 13 reasons last year, but now she is one year older, so I will do 14! (this is an updated and reposted post from last year)

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Toilet Ek Prem Katha Review (SPOILERS): Ignores the Obvious Villain

Well, I’ve been putting this off, because I didn’t have much to say.  And also because a got a nice string of abuse on my no-spoilers review.  Which is why I am a little mad at this movie.  Because it’s leaving me open for abuse!  Being so political that I can’t avoid commenting on the politics, even though I want to run a nice film analysis blog that only deals with social issues in generalities, not specifics.  And clearly it is political, because there are angry people looking for me to say bad things about it.  Oh well, I’ll spoil it for you all anyway, and maybe someone will leave a nice comment on this one.

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