News Round-Up: De De Pyaar De and #MeToo, Priyanka and Ms. Marvel

Use your HEADS people!!!!!! Oh my gosh, twitter and rumors and stuff are flying about things that ONE SECOND of logical intelligent thought would show you are not real things. And also, I should maybe not read the news before having my coffee, because it just makes me too grumpy.

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Fathers in Public and Private

So interesting what is considered “good” public image for fathers versus what they might do in private.  And how, sometimes, they just don’t care about public image.  And sometimes they have to care.  And sometimes they pretend they don’t, but really do, which bothers me.

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Happy Birthday Alok Nath! It’s a Slow News Day, So You Get a Whole Post To Yourself!

I like Alok Nath as much as the next person, but he’s not normally the type who would get a birthday post.  But it’s a slow news day, I feel like throwing up a video post, so why not!  Plus, he’s turning 60, so it’s a big one!  Here are 12 reasons I love you, 1 for every 5 years you’ve been alive!

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