Friday Classics: Hum Aapke Hain Koun, A Movie that is Not Related to Any Other Movie

It’s been pointed out that I might appear to undervalue this film and that is why I haven’t spoken much about it.  Truly, I don’t undervalue it!  It’s just such an unusual film that it doesn’t fit easily with a discussion of anything else.  Nothing else is really like it, and therefore available for comparison with it.  And it didn’t start a particular trend in filmmaking (beyond the general “Family Films” trend), because it would be so hard to imitate.  But yes, I do know about this movie, I know all sorts of things about it and I am aware of it’s place in film history.

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Happy Birthday Alok Nath! It’s a Slow News Day, So You Get a Whole Post To Yourself!

I like Alok Nath as much as the next person, but he’s not normally the type who would get a birthday post.  But it’s a slow news day, I feel like throwing up a video post, so why not!  Plus, he’s turning 60, so it’s a big one!  Here are 12 reasons I love you, 1 for every 5 years you’ve been alive!

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