Thinky Post: Shahrukh Khan and the Appeal of the Virginal Hero

Thank you Molly for bringing up this topic! I’m really excited to dig into it and then hear what you all think.

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Shahrukh Birthday Countdown: Early Movies He Should Remake Now! Part 1

This is an idea from Catherine who pointed out that Koyla, for example, is ripe for a remake, all silly action and strong heroine and all that. Which made me think about how many of Shahrukh’s early films had solid original ideas at the center that could be redone now in interesting ways, for instance flipping the genders, or aging everyone up to middle-age.

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28 Shahrukh Romances, Part 1: Trickster SRK

This came up because of a comment in our JHMS discussion yesterday.  About how it felt like in some ways the happy ending for “Harry” resolved a lot of unhappy endings for similarly noble Shahrukh lover characters.  Which got me thinking about what might be the same and different in how SRK romances play out.  So, let’s look at an assortment of romances.  7 at a go, because I want to discuss them in depth and then discuss them cumulatively.

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Hindi Film 101 One-Off: A Tour Through Shahrukh’s Filmography

This is just a random idea because I am in the middle of unpacking my Shahrukh DVD box and putting them in chronological order on my shelf.  It’s kind of fascinating to look at his career as a case study of how an actor’s career progresses.

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Happy Birthday Alok Nath! It’s a Slow News Day, So You Get a Whole Post To Yourself!

I like Alok Nath as much as the next person, but he’s not normally the type who would get a birthday post.  But it’s a slow news day, I feel like throwing up a video post, so why not!  Plus, he’s turning 60, so it’s a big one!  Here are 12 reasons I love you, 1 for every 5 years you’ve been alive!

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New Trailer! So Violent!


The love and violence and love-means-violence is all tied up together in this.  My first thought was “so untraditional!  What happened to SRKajol, the happpy-go-lucky NRI romance?”  But then I remembered that their first movie together was Baazigar, which had this:


Even DDLJ had this:


So really, Kajol shooting him through the heart is just a return to their roots!  Or else, she is finally getting revenge on him for heartlessly killing her sister (always bothered me that she wasn’t more angry at him for that) (in Baazigar, not in real life.  So far as I know, he has never done anything to Tanisha)


Bonus, it looks like they have almost the same meet-cute as SRK and Divya Bhatya in his very first movie, Deewana:


Nothing more romantic that almost running someone over!

Speaking of Deewana, it also has another reminder that angry unhinged SRK=sexy SRK: