Box Office Report: Mom Does Good, Ninnu Kori Does Very Good

I’m gonna try to be good and get back on the Box Office report wagon.  Because it really doesn’t mean anything unless you do it every week so you have context.  Even if there isn’t that much of a story this week.

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Global Box Office: Rangoon is an Also Ran, and I Meet a Kannada Movie Star!

Well, Rangoon is definitely the top pick for the weekend.  But it was a terrible terrible weekend, so that is not saying much.  The only big hit per screen was the one with inflated ticket prices (more on that later).

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Box Office! They Know that North America Had a 4 Day Weekend, Right?

Global figures are out for Dear Zindagi!  Yaaaay!  And it did best in North America!  Which has no significance whatsoever because North America had an extra 2 days in the weekend! And on the other hand, had a lot of competition here! But being a hit in Australia, now THAT is significant! (as always, the figures come from Rentracks courtesy of Bollywoodhungama)

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