Starter Kit: Actresses, Part 3, Soha to Lisa

I’m continuing to crank through the small time actresses, the ones who only need a few movies to fully understand their careers.  Because it’s a lot easier than trying to deal with the male stars and their longer careers, or the handful of super successful actresses (sorry Rani!  I’ll get to you someday!) (last small time actress post here)

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Tuesday Telugu: Manmadhudu, Harmless Misogyny

Happy Tuesday!  And a return to Telugu, after a brief visit to Tamil over the past few weeks.  A totally silly soothing film that I could have on in the background while blogging/quilting/cooking.  A film that, I think, is ultimately harmless although it sure sounds harmful in description!

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Happy Aamir Week! Sarfarosh: Another Movie Where the Romance Came Second to the Character Goals

I first knew Sarfarosh for the love songs, one of which (“Hoshwalon Ko Khabar”) is one of my all time favorite songs, both the video for it and just the way it sounds on its own.  And then a watch the movie, and come to find out that it is barely a romance at all!  Which is what, I suspect, it will have in common with Dangal.  The Aamir romance is there, sure, but it’s not really a big deal compared to everything else going on.

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