Shahrukh Hardtalk Interview, I Finally Got Around To Watching It!

Well, that was frustrating!  Is this what TV interviews are like?  Blech!!!!!  No wonder I never watch them.  Not even getting into specifics of this interview, just this strange sort of “gotcha” style of question and then not letting the interviewee actually answer, drove me crazy!!!!!  Why ask him a question if you aren’t going to let him talk and then respond?

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Shahrukh at Davos: Speech and Interview, Focus on Equality and Courage

Davos videos are out!  Have been out for like a day now, but I am a baaaaaaad Shahrukh fan and just got around to watching them now.  Anyway, let’s talk!  Because I am guessing some of you have already seen them, or plan to see them. (for background on what Davos is and what it does, go to this post here)

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