Bahubali Theme Post: Devasena, The Catalyst

Happy Monday!  After writing a very mean post about the Bahubali novel on Sunday, I thought I should write us a nice post about Devasena for contrast. (full index of Bahubali posts here)

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Bahubali 2 Scene By Scene Part 25: Nassar! JUST DIE ALREADY!!!!

Happy Friday!  The Battle continues!  I was thinking I would be done with my scene by scene posts by now, but I guess not.  Maybe I can do another surge today, and then I can come back for the ending and final summary posts next week.  We’ll see. (part 24 here, you can go back from there)

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Bahubali 2 Scene By Scene Summary, Part 10! The Queen Mother Makes a Mistake

Well, I got all bogged down in the last section between the rights and the wrongs of it all.  I’ll see if I can un-bog myself and do a bit more a straightforward account of what happened in this section. (last section here, you can go back in time from there and read the rest)

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