News Round-Up: Harshwardhan Rane is In a Movie That Won’t Happen, Kangana Tries to Start Feuds That Won’t Happen, Tiger 3 WILL Happen, and Shahrukh’s PR is Happening

Nothing super duper interesting here, just stories that are continuations of other stories, or else rumors of things that won’t happen. But it’s Monday, we need things to talk about!

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Sanam Teri Kasam: All the Best Female Fantasies

I know this is a fond favorite for some of my readers, but you don’t mind if joke about it a little, right?  Like, you are aware that this is a little sappy and fantasy-fulfilling and ridiculous from the plot side of things?  If your reaction is “This is the most realistic and perfect presentation of love I have ever seen!”, then maybe don’t read on.  If your reaction is “This is like a romance novel come to life and that’s why I love it!”, then go for it.  Because that was my reaction too!

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