Monday Malayalam: Salt Mango Tree, Love Children Just For Being Children

This is interesting.  It’s officially the original version of Hindi Medium, but besides the essentially plot concept, there is really nothing in common.  A sign of how very different the different parts of India, and different Indian film industries, see the world.  Oh, and it’s “Monday” Malayalam, but coming on Sunday, because Tuesday is Madhuri day which took precedence over Telugu so everything moved back one.

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FilmFare Winners! What Does It All Mean?

Well, the FilmFare Awards happened.  We didn’t get to see it because, unlike the Oscar producers, the FilmFare people are too smart to do a live broadcast.  We’ll get to see a version that is edited down to just the good bits on whatever channel buys the satellite rights.  Which also changes a bit who might be winning these awards.

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2017 Hindi Film Awards: Most Surprisingly Good Film, Editor’s Choice-Running Shaadi

I said there were 4 strong contenders for yesterday’s award, most disappointing.  But there were 5 times as many for this award!  And yet the box office this year was record breakingly bad.  Which says interesting things about what kinds of promotions do and don’t work and what kind of films do and don’t work and so on.

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