Friday Classics: Jeet, All the Best Things of the 90s

SUCH A GOOD MOVIE!!!! If you like that kind of thing. If I say that the finale has a woman giving birth in a burning house in the middle of a gunfight, does that make you happy or sad? What if I tell you that they all escape the burning house into a burning car in which there is a high speed chase and explosion while she is STILL giving birth? And it ends at a brothel where prostitutes serve as helpful midwives? Is your response “that is so illogical it makes me angry” or “that is so illogical it makes me happy”?

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Silly Sunday Speculative Post: It’s My Sister’s Birthday Week! Why Doesn’t Hindi Film Have More Sister Storylines?

Happy Sunday!  I am greeting you from Friday, when I am writing this post, because Sunday I will be out of town celebrating my sister’s birthday.  Also my mother’s, it’s a whole thing, you’ll be hearing more about it.  Anyway, since it’s my sister’s birthday this week, I thought I would offer up some script ideas for good sister based films, since Hindi film is woefully lacking in them! (and since the sister relationship is the most important in my life, as I have said)

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