Bahubali Fanfic Part 5: A Kiss!

Welcome back to my fanfic!  I am having way more fun writing this than my “real” posts, the bread and butter ones that keep my viewership up.  Oh well, I might as well treat myself, what does it hurt? (my loyal readers who want analysis!  that’s who. Sorry!  I will try to do better) (full index of Bahubali posts here)

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Bahubali 2 Scene by Scene Part 9: Flying Swan Boat! And the Kiss That Was Cut

Welcome back!  A lot to dig into in this section, and then we get into the bit that depresses me terribly.  But this is the bit that makes is talk about whether the character developments are contrived or inevitable.  SPOILER: I land on the inevitable side of things. (last section is here, you can crawl backwards from there)

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