Shahrukh Letterman Taping Report, FULL FINAL VERSION! READ FOR LATEST UPDATE!!! (No Spoilers)

Because Shahrukh’s newest longform interview was in America, and tickets were open to the public, there were a few DCIBers who were actually able to attend! I asked them for their stories of what it was like, without any details of the actual interview (because I want to be surprised and I am selfish that way). Oh, and no SPOILERS in the comments please either, even rumors. I’ll delete them if I see them, so other people like me who want to go in fresh can stay uncontaminated.

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Yet Another Discussion Post: What Question Would You Ask Shahrukh if You Were At the Letterman Taping? And What Question Do You Hope Letterman Asks Him?

This is a suggestion from Procrastinatrix, and I think it is a fun one! Especially if we get really really specific about the situation, not just a general “what would you ask Shahrukh?” topic.

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