Global Box Office: Hindi Film Loses Its Plurality

Interesting week!  Nothing is happening as expected, the world is crazy and upside down, numbers are fun! (as always, numbers from bollywoodhungama)

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Netflix List for May! My Favorite Rom-Com of 2017 Arrives!!!!! And My Favorite Song Sequence

Time for a Netflix update!  Which I only do once a month or so, so it’s not up to the minute accurate.  But hopefully I make up for that with the descriptions I give them.  ( does the real work of keeping this list updated, you should definitely absolutely subscribe to them for your day to day updates.)

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Jatt and Juliet: It took me 5 years, but I finished it!

Jatt and Juliet is the first Punjabi movie I started, and the first Punjabi movie I ended, but there was a 5 year gap in the middle there.  I rented it right when it first came out, after hearing all the buzz about how it was setting records and breaking out of the regional market.  And then somehow I just didn’t get into it, and I turned it off half way.  But I re-started it last night, and made it all the way to the end, and turns out, I love it!

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