Discussion Post: Who Are Your Least Favorite Directors?

Oh boy! A good post for me to write while I am feeling like a bit of a Grumpy Gus. If I try really hard, I might be able to come up with 3 directors I truly dislike. Maybe even 4!

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FilmFare Report: Alia-Ranbir, Hirani, Katrina, and Clothes

There was one year I tried to do a really really intensive coverage and it exhausted me. Digging through all the various sites for images and to make sure I didn’t miss anything was just BLAH! So I’m not doing that again, I’m just going to do highlights and you all can fill in what I miss.

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New Youtube Video! Sanju Box Office, and I Look GREAT!!!!

Thank goodness, after my string of hot unhappy looking videos, I finally look good.  This is the video to share with people if you want to sell them on my channel!  Because, so pretty.  It’s really rainy here and I think the soft light, combined with my disgusting tangled hair (I went swimming a lot yesterday) and my nice new shirt ended up with a great look.  Oh, and my thoughts are good too.  But mostly, don’t I look pretty?  Instead of like I am about to die of heatstroke?

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News Round-Up: Karan is Good to His Staff, Ajay is Good to the Audience, and Hirani is Good to Our Ears

Happy Saturday!  I am cooking cooking cooking (new stove is hear and I have 5 pumpkins!), and also running back and forth to the movie theater, so no time for a real deep post.  But at least I can throw up a news post!

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Female Lead in the Sanjay Dutt Biopic Opposite Ranbir?

This story puzzles me.  I understand that every movie needs a male and female lead.  But if this biopic covers Sanjay’s whole life, how can there possibly be only ONE female lead?  That’s not shade at Sanjay, it’s just a fact, he’s had at least 3 significant romances in his life, since that’s how many times he’s been married.

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