TGIF: Rom-Com Heroes, Who Would You Pick to Marry?

Happy Valentine’s Week!!! One more ranking challenge for you! Who is the best rom-com hero?

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TGIF: Chocolate Heroes for Chocolate Day!!!!

Tomorrow is International Chocolate Day (today is fried chicken day in America-July is an unhealthy month).  So I thought I would look at Chocolate Heroes, a phrase specific to Hindi film that makes almost no logical sense and yet you immediately understand what it means.  Well, almost immediately.

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Tuesday Telugu: Fidaa, Makes the Hero Wait on the Heroine

Well, I watched it!  Because, weeks and weeks after it’s release, it is STILL playing one show a week at my local theater!  Which means I had the opportunity to see it, and also the curiosity, what is it about this movie that makes it keep playing and playing and playing?  Besides what must be an extremely favorable per play contract with the theater?

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