TGIF: Chocolate Heroes for Chocolate Day!!!!

Tomorrow is International Chocolate Day (today is fried chicken day in America-July is an unhealthy month).  So I thought I would look at Chocolate Heroes, a phrase specific to Hindi film that makes almost no logical sense and yet you immediately understand what it means.  Well, almost immediately.

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Female Bonding Songs, Inspired by “Veere” from Veere Di Wedding

This post is also because I am looking for a nice light post to put up to cheer myself up because it has now been raining here for 30 hours.  It was nice yesterday, when I could huddle in bed and watch the rain, but it’s not the same now that I am at work and have to shiver in my office watching the rain.

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Watched Chocolate, My Last Malayalam Random Film! Finally Ready to Move on to Actual Purposefully Selected Movies!

I’m done!  With the dozen films I randomly checked out from the library just because they had Malayalam in the description.  I regret nothing!  Some of them were good, some were bad, but I ended up with a fairly broad idea of Malayalam film and culture, instead of the narrow perspective I would have gotten by just watching the very newest, very highest quality, films.  And for the grande finale, I got to watch a film that was actually pretty close to what I would have chosen on purpose!

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