Trailers! Raid, Gold, Welcome to New York, and Veerey Ki Wedding

Yesterday was Day of News, today is Day of Trailers.  Ajay’s new movie, first teaser for Akshay’s next or, as I think of it, Reema Kagti’s next.  And a song from Welcome to New York.  And Veerey Ki Wedding, just to round things out.

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Trailer! Welcome to New York

Normally I try to mix these trailer posts up a little, adding in a few to compare.  But right now, there is NOTHING. Because stupid Padmavat messed up the release schedule and there is this weird gap.  All the movies that got moved to February last minute, their trailers came out months ago when they were supposed to release.  And all the movies that might otherwise be release in February have scuttled forward to March and their trailers aren’t out yet.  But this one trailer does look fun!

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