Tubelight Review (SPOILERS): Read This Instead of Seeing the Movie

Not a good movie.  Really really not.  Terrible script, and casting mistakes.  And then a lot of money poured on top which just serves to make the flaws stand out even more.  Like bright lighting on a really really ugly statue.  Anyway, save your money and skip the film, just read this instead!  Which I almost never say, but in this case, yes.  It’s the best thing to do.

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News Round-Up: Salman Makes Big Profit on Sultan, Announces New Heroine for Next Film. And Ritiesh is a Gentlemen. Oh, and Shahrukh’s next role might be AWESOME!!!

I really wanted to do 3 news stories about Salman, so I could have a nice structure for my headline, but no luck!  And also no luck in only doing one on him and 2 on someone else, because his 2 stories today are too big to ignore.  And then I had to shove a 4th story in there because the Shahrukh rumor is too good to ignore.  It’s all out of balance!!!  Oh well.

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